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Awsome9 is pride to transform people to conquer their body by grooming, work on positive mindset for good deeds, feel and start living that Awesome life all the time they destined to live.

“While travelling worldwide, get update through our News Network – Connect and Grow, surf to avail grooming services, learn latest e – learning techniques, earn and share your experience at your convenience.” ?

Awsome9 – One of the first hybrid digital major media platforms continues to lead media innovation—from community engagement, blogging to new storytelling platforms and devices to a variety of advertising solutions catering to beauty and wellness industry.

Assome9 covers a variety of topics. These include breaking news, entertainment, culture, spiritual and technology.

Articles and Videos bring a variety of voices to the discussion through social media and make the conversation smarter.

After registering, users can start blogging immediately as well as rating and commenting on posts. The home page functions as a real-time news cover and is updated throughout the week.

Interactive feature – a category that recognizes an outstanding feature or section of a website that uses multimedia technology, tools, community platforms or other interactive formats to deliver or share content such as news, information and entertainment, practical instruction or advice.

Our dedicated team connects brand partners with our engaged, passionate audience through branded content, custom executions, and social outreach to further amplify the conversation from every perspective.

E learning facilitates better exchange of academic of beauty & wellness knowledge and possibilities of collaborative research works in future. It seeks to garner best international experience into our system of education, enable interaction of students and faculty with the best academic and industry experts from across the world and also share their experiences and expertise to motivate people to work on the same lines.

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